.Miss O’s 4th birthday.

I can’t believe my baby is now 4 years old! We waited so long for her to come into our lives and it feels like just yesterday we were so excited to see her beautiful face. So while she’ll always be my baby, she’s now getting to be such a grown up little girl. She had her first “big girl” party with a Bratz theme (her choice!) and had so much fun. So here’s her official 4th birthday portraits.


.My babies.

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected taking photos of my girls so I took some time out today and got the camera out for fun.  My girls are true photographer’s children and run every time they see the camera, so I’ve learned to love photos of them from behind.  We live in an estate with lots of lovely park areas and a little man-made lake right on our front doorstep with lots of ducks and swans just waiting to be fed.  My girls love them and there’s lots of lovely laughter when the birds come up to them and nip the bread out of their hands. 




They’re starting to become such great friends and although I can’t see their faces in these photos, I love the way they walk around holding hands and how much little sis adores big sis.  I can remember these moments, when they’re screaming at each other and fighting.

.sweet sophia.

I love my job!  I get to meet so many lovely people and be welcomed into their homes. 

This week I visited six month old Sophia and mum and dad and was greeted at the door with a lovely smile and shiny blue eyes!  What a great model - she didn’t take one bad photo and we captured lots of beautiful smiles.  I hope mum and dad love these previews.

at24.jpg  at21bw.jpgat42.jpgat32bw.jpg

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