Hi and welcome to my blog where I like to keep readers updated on latest sessions, specials and general goings on. This is also a place for clients to visit where I provide "sneak peek" previews so they don't have to wait for all the photos to be proofed. I like to think they can't wait to see their photos, but it's probably more the case of me being so impatient that it's something that I would enjoy if I were the client!

If you've been to my website you'll know I'm a mum to two girls, one four years old and one soon to be two. They keep me very busy and so I only book a limited amount of sessions each week, so if you're considering booking, it's good to get in early. I always fit in mums-to-be and newborns, so don't worry about missing out if you'd like to book at the last minute.

I work on-location or in my studio in Stirling (for maternity and newborns) and like to keep my sessions relaxed and family friendly. I offer a range of products for you to choose from, incuding prints and the digital images on DVD. Please take a look around!.

.Tiny T.

Today I met the beautiful Miss T and her lovely parents.  She was a very gorgeous little bundle and I asked the question I ask at most sessions “can I take her home with me?”.  As my girls get bigger, I so miss this tiny baby stage and I appreciate being able to share over and over this special time.  

Thanks for today Wyn and Andy, here’s a sneak peek for you - enjoy.  

.a bump marathon.

My lovely friend Alinta is 8 months pregnant with her second baby boy and my fellow photographer friend Kelly from Kalgoorlie :) (check out her site at www.kellytrowphotography.com.au) took the hike to Perth to work with me.   Kelly and I are doing a wedding together in September and we thought we’d take this opportunity of working together beforehand.  

So we decided on a marathon double session to photograph her beautiful belly.  On Friday night we did some beach shots and backed up with a session in Kings Park on Saturday morning.  Poor thing, we had her near naked in the cold, but she was up for anything and we got some stunning images for her.  

Here are a couple from the beach and one from Kings Park.  More to come soon!

Thank you A.

.there appears to be a theme lately.

WA’s birth rate must be climbing nicely as I seem to have lots of bellies to photograph and more in the wings.  I do love maternity/newborn work though, so I’m not complaining.  Here’s the very beautiful K and her family.

.baby boy on the way.

I finally got to meet K and her gorgeous daughter F after she contacted me quite a few months ago to photograph her maternity session.  Unfortunately her hubby couldn’t make it at the last minute, but we did well anyway and F was such a great little model.  I’m really proud of these images and how beautiful do they look!  Best of luck K for a peaceful delivery and I look forward to meeting you and your new family again soon.

.returning to China.

I had the great pleasure to photograph A and S who have been studying in Perth and are soon to return to China.  They wanted some beach photos to remember Perth by and to show as a slideshow during their official wedding in China.  It was a bit of change for me not having any children involved in the session and I really enjoyed working without having to bribe, cajole, make funny faces or talk about The Wiggles.  Of course I love working with children, but it’s OK to take a break. 

Thank you both for being such wonderful models, it was great to meet you and I wish you much love and hapiness for the future.


.lovely baby S.

We photographers love to meet newborn babies in the first two weeks of life.  They’re usually sleepier, curlier and much easier to photograph than those that are more than a few weeks old.  Baby S was our exception.  She was so beautifully behaved and slept while I was snapping away.  She’s so very beautiful and her lovely parents are so very rightly proud of her.  Thank you for letting me photograph her.


.adored baby W.

New baby girl W has many adoring fans.  Most noteably a mini-family reunion with her grand and great grandparents from the US, her grandparents from here in Perth and great-grandparents who also flew in from overseas, from New Zealand.  Isn’t it wonderful how such a small person can bring families together and provide so much joy!  What a wonderful gift for her to look back on for years to come and I feel so lucky that I was part of it.   I really couldn’t have a better job - I get to see so much love and happiness.

.bubbly baby K.

I love photographing babies with big blue eyes and baby K did not disappoint!  What an absolute cutey and such a sweet boy.  The six month plus age is such a lovely time to photograph your baby - they’re just starting to sit up an explore the world.  Here he is!