Monthly Archives: August 2008

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.Tiny T.

Today I met the beautiful Miss T and her lovely parents.  She was a very gorgeous little bundle and I asked the question I ask at most sessions “can I take her home with me?”.  As my girls get bigger, I so miss this tiny baby stage and I appreciate being able to share over and over this special time.  

Thanks for today Wyn and Andy, here’s a sneak peek for you – enjoy.  

.a bump marathon.

My lovely friend Alinta is 8 months pregnant with her second baby boy and my fellow photographer friend Kelly from Kalgoorlie :) (check out her site at took the hike to Perth to work with me.   Kelly and I are doing a wedding together in September and we thought we’d take this opportunity of working together beforehand.  

So we decided on a marathon double session to photograph her beautiful belly.  On Friday night we did some beach shots and backed up with a session in Kings Park on Saturday morning.  Poor thing, we had her near naked in the cold, but she was up for anything and we got some stunning images for her.  

Here are a couple from the beach and one from Kings Park.  More to come soon!

Thank you A.

.there appears to be a theme lately.

WA’s birth rate must be climbing nicely as I seem to have lots of bellies to photograph and more in the wings.  I do love maternity/newborn work though, so I’m not complaining.  Here’s the very beautiful K and her family.