beauty times two | newborn photography perth

I feel so honoured when my clients revisit me for new portraits. This is the third time I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this wonderful family. Once with their first addition and then again when she was one and now with the arrival of their latest newborn daughter.  These gorgeous girls are only around 18 month apart – what a wonderful life they will have together.   At the beginning of our session I thought the girls were quite different, but as the session went on I kept remembering our first meeting and realised how very alike they were.   Here’s some similar images of them.

baby girl now a toddler | baby photography perth

I love it when my clients come back to me and I get to see how their family has grown.  Sometimes that means extra babies, sometimes it just means I get to see their baby growing up.  This is the second time I’ve photographed this baby girl, now a sweet toddler and I’m already booked in at the end of the year for her 3 year portraits.  I love this image of her at about one and then just a bit past 2 years old.  It wasn’t until after we looked at the images from our second session that we realised how similar these images were.   How wonderful would it be to have these!

baby baby | baby photography perth

I love baby photography of all ages, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from newborn babies and photograph a baby that’s around four months of age.  They’re so interactive and happy and facsinated by my camera so lots of eye contact and smiles.   This sweet girl was no exception and she was so easy to photograph. 

my friend jo and her new baby

I have been friends with Jo from for a few years now and most of our friendship has been online or on the phone.  She now lives in Adelaide and I was lucky enough to fly over a few weeks ago to photograph her newest addition and meet her gorgeous family which now includes three stunning girls.

Thank you so much for having me and letting me work with your family xxxxx

Here’s just a few.

April 22, 2010 - 4:12 pm

Jo - Oh Fiona, you had me in tears, thanks so much for trekking over here!

welcome to my new blog

I’ve made a few changes to my business and I felt like a bit of a freshen up of my blog.  I have horribly neglected my old blog for so long ’cause I just wasn’t feeling any love for it’s design and I thought I’d wait to post until I had my update.

A few things that have changed recently:

  • I’m sticking with just my name for my business instead of “Fiona Colvin Photography”.  I feel like I’ve evolved over the years and using just my name to present my work feels right.
  • I am now only working with pregnancy, newborn and baby clients in my studio (and sometimes on location).   I do still like to keep in contact with my old and loyal clients and will always find time for them and if we can’t make it work I have lots of great colleagues to recommend.
  • I’m adding some prints and products to my pricing as well as my usual digital image packages.  It provides a well-rounded service to my clients and I have some great new products on offer, although I’m keeping it very simple and stylish.
  • I have a new Facebook fan page (check out the More Info tab on the side) which is embarrassingly empty, but hopefully my faithful friends and clients will “friend” me.  I’ll share images of my clients work (when approval has been given), any updates or specials I may have.
  • Finally I’m working on an offering where I can help new photographers review their websites before going live.  Basically I check for basic grammar problems, spelling errors and check the images to make sure they’re cohesive and flow well.  First impressions are critical to a prospective client and you want yours to be great.  If you want some further information please email me at [email protected].

And what would be a post without an image or two?  I thought I’d share some recents of my gorgeous two young ladies Miss O who is counting down the days until her 6th birthday (30 more sleeps) and Miss A who is trying to keep up with her big sister at 3.5.