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I fondly remember one of the most exciting things for me about having a new baby on the way was getting to decorate the nursery.  I wanted to rush right out and buy all the latest and greatest gear – I couldn’t wait.  I did manage to wait until I was 20 weeks before I took the plunge, but once that milestone was reached there was no stopping me.  Of course I needed to know the baby’s sex and I was delighted when they said girl and I began to imagine all the pinkness that would be my new baby nursery.

My little darling’s nursery was a mix of pink toile, pink stripes and Peter Rabbit wall decals.  My mum started on a sewing frenzy, furniture was bought and my hubby was measuring up all over the place for shelves I wanted installed for all the knick-knacks I’d bought for my long awaited and dreamed for bundle.  It was a wonderful time. 

This is an example of the toile that I bought.

I spent hours on the internet and the only décor I could find for the nursery was from the US and it was way too expensive, so it was make it myself or have a plain room.  Luckily, six years later there are many better options here in Australia and it’s so easy to design a beautiful nursery quite easily.

I find when decorating it works well to find a few signature pieces and then build your room around them.  There are lots of different sites to check out and I warn you it can get addictive and time consuming. 

I found this site with lots of designer nurseries which are great for some inspiration  Some of my favourites here:

I also love looking at and for something a little more unique.  Some of my favourite things I’ve found recently are (click on the titles to go directly to the site):

blooming cherry tree

Blooming Cherry Tree with Butterflies - Nursery Vinyl Wall Decal

  swinging monkey

 Kids Nursery Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art - Monkey Swinging on Vines - dd1010

butterfly mobile

The Mena Mobile in large

wall letters



hair clip holder

butterfly frame

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