What type of photography do you specialise in?

I have been specialising in pregnancy, newborn and baby photography for the last five years.  I have a soft spot for this type of work and I’ve found it’s what I do best.

Where are sessions held?

I have the luxury of a large home in Stirling and a perfect space within to have a home studio.  I began working there when my children were younger and my clients and I have been so comfortable I’ve decided to stay!

Do you offer prints as well as digital images?

Not at the moment.  I specialise in offering my clients the digital images from their session with full instruction on how and where to print and any after sales assistance needed.   With this, printing your own prints is very possible.

I do however offer speciality products such a framed fine art pieces and coffee table albums that aren’t available to non professional photographers.

Do you digitally enhance and retouch your images?

Absolutely, it’s a very important part of good professional photography.  All purchased images are colour corrected, enhanced and retouched as necessary, including removal of blemishes, fixing blotchy newborn skin, etc.  No-one is left unrecognisable though and when done well it’s so subtle that you would never know.

How do I get more detailed information about my photography session?

Once you’ve booked, I send you a link to an online client site including all the information you need to know about your session, clothing suggestions and what to bring with you.

When are the best ages to photograph newborn babies?

Newborns are at their best in the first 10 days of birth, but any time is possible and I have no rules as to when it’s essential to have your baby photographed.   I do have limited bookings available so feel free to book well in advance.  

When is the best time for pregnancy photographs?

The best time is 34-38 weeks along, earlier with twins may be best.