.Delightful D.

Another one of my wonderful clients who were so sweet to pose for me.  I’m so lucky to have many lovely clients who are happy with my work and who trust that I’ll take beautiful photos of them.  It’s not terribly hard when you have great subjects!  Thank you again.





Miss B - soon to be Mrs and our comp winner!

Becky was the blog competition winner and will receive a free coffee table book as well as her session.  Check out the final product here fionacolvin.com/beckyalbum.  She’s such a beautiful fun girl and is going to be a radiant bride.  Hope you love them Bec.

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The lovely A

I met A late last year when I had the opportunity to photograph her extended family.  I asked her if she would model for me and although she was a little unsure, I’m so glad she said yes as her photos are so beautiful and she’s really happy with them.  We had a great time and we didn’t even notice that it took 3.5 hours for us to finish!  Both of us were a bit sore the next day and I promise everyone that it doesn’t take that long!

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Miss T - soon to be Mrs

Here’s a sneak peek at Miss T.  She had the most beautiful eyes and I hope I’ve done them justice.




We have a winner

Thank you for all those who entered the competition and the winner is Becky Sandler who will be marrying her childhood sweetheart Ross in June this year.  Becky had her session last Saturday and we got some wonderful photos of her for her prize of a coffee table book.  We’ll have some too show soon!

Here’s an excerpt from her email to me as to why Ross is the one for her:

“I went to High School with Ross, he was that guy sitting at the front facing the wall for being disrupting whereas i was the grade A student. Totally not interested was an understatment. He started writing me poems and getting other people to ask me out. I continually said NO for 3 years. Ross had started dating a girl but it wasn’t until I was at a friends house and I started to cry when i realised I had lost him… but like every fairytale we ended up together and haven’t looked back.
We’re getting married on Saturday the 14th of June 2008 and I couldn’t be happier. Ross has been my best friend for the past 7 years and my home for the past 5 and a half (they say home is where the heart is :). It hasn’t always been easy (as I’m sure no relationship is) and I know what it feels like when I’m not with him which is why I know he is definately the one. ”

Thanks Becky!


I thought I’d start off with a competition for brides that are getting married in 2008.

The selected lady will receive a free session and a 7×7 softcover coffee table book and all her images on DVD to print as she wishes. If you’d like to enter can you please: 

  • Send me an email at telling me why he/she’s “the one” and why you’re so happy to be getting married.

  • A photo of you and your partner.

  • Your wedding date.

 Conditions of entry:

  • Competition ends 21 March 2008
  •  Entrants must be getting married in 2008
  •  Sessions must be taken by 30 April 2008
  • Session and book cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Session is not transferable to another person
  • Session is held at my studio in Stirling
  • A signed model release is given allowing use of the images for promotional purposes
  • Excerpts of your entry may be published on this website
  • Winner is chosen by Fiona Colvin and decision is final
  • Winner will be announced by 25 March 2008.


Welcome to Pure Boudoir, my new venture into the art of intimate photography for women.

Boudoir photography can be classy, fun and sexy and it’s a great way to celebrate your beauty and perhaps share it with a loved one.

Please take a look around the site and read some more about me and about boudoir photography and what you can expect in a session. Don’t forget to check out the gallery to get an idea of what your session may be like. 

Thanks so much - Fiona.

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