.Delightful D.

Another one of my wonderful clients who were so sweet to pose for me.  I’m so lucky to have many lovely clients who are happy with my work and who trust that I’ll take beautiful photos of them.  It’s not terribly hard when you have great subjects!  Thank you again.





Miss B - soon to be Mrs and our comp winner!

Becky was the blog competition winner and will receive a free coffee table book as well as her session.  Check out the final product here fionacolvin.com/beckyalbum.  She’s such a beautiful fun girl and is going to be a radiant bride.  Hope you love them Bec.

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The lovely A

I met A late last year when I had the opportunity to photograph her extended family.  I asked her if she would model for me and although she was a little unsure, I’m so glad she said yes as her photos are so beautiful and she’s really happy with them.  We had a great time and we didn’t even notice that it took 3.5 hours for us to finish!  Both of us were a bit sore the next day and I promise everyone that it doesn’t take that long!

ablog1.jpg  ablog3.jpg


Miss T - soon to be Mrs

Here’s a sneak peek at Miss T.  She had the most beautiful eyes and I hope I’ve done them justice.