Monthly Archives: October 2008

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.the girls. | Perth Portrait Photography

Just a short post ’cause I’m exhausted!  Today I met up with one of my favourite clients and 10 of her best friends for a group shoot.  I had wonderful models and here’s one of our fun one’s!  Be back with more soon everyone.  Thanks for today.  

.sweet baby girl. | Newborn and Family Photography Perth

It’s been a crazy hectic week for me and while I was dreading it a little it’s turned out to be a really great week.  My oldest daughter is on school holidays from kindy and we have been doing lots of things like going to the movies, catching up for playdates and believe it or not going to gym most days.  I’m on a mission to get rid of my baby weight because I can no longer blame it on the baby because she’s 2 :) .  

I’ve also photographed three lovely families this week and finished off today with a beautiful 10 week baby girl.  She was so sweet and had a lovely nature and the best blue eyes.  I’m very often a sucker for a cute baby with blue eyes!

Carla we got some really great shots and I thought I’d put these few up to give you a preview. 

.a wedding. | Wedding Photography Perth

My friend Kelly and I recently teamed up to photograph Fiona and Michael’s wedding.  It was a really stunning day and Fiona looked radiant and serene.  They are such a lovely couple and we wish them many years of joy and happiness.  Thank you for letting us capture such a special day for you.  

.baby boy is here. | Newborn Photography Perth

This is my most photographed baby yet.  He’s been the star of three different maternity sessions, his birth and now as a newborn.  Here’s a few of the new bundle of joy.