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speaking of siblings | perth family photography

Here are my very own angels.  For those of you who don’t normally follow my blog, every year on my girls’ birthdays I do a special photo shoot with them with the intention of formally documenting them every year and making a beautiful album.  Some years it goes extremely well and some years not so good.  This year has been trying – Olivia’s 7th in April and now Anneliese’s 5th.  I always manage to get some “keepers” but this session had giant biting ants, angry swarms of mosquitos and a little girl who wanted none of it!  So, we got the required few and the last shots were of a screaming Anneliese running to the car.  I still LOVE these:) How could I not – they’re mine!

The first from Olivia’s shoot in April.

A couple from Anneliese’s this week.

Anneliese, soon to be 5.

Olivia, 7.

One together before the fallout.

I can’t complain.

eyelash envy | perth baby photography

That’s what everyone will have!

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